Your Role As A Patient:

·       Be an active participant on your healthcare team. Ask questions about your care and tell us if you don’t understand something.

·       Bring a list of concerns/questions and all medications to your visit, and any test results you may have.

·       Keep all appointments or call to reschedule. This includes lab appointments and referrals/consults.

·       Inform other healthcare professionals that we are your primary care provider and ask them to share information regarding your health with us.

·       GSPHC wants to be your medical home.  This means that we will follow your care throughout an illness, hospitalization, or referral.  We will be the main contact for you for all of your medical needs, if needed, dental and behavioral health as well.  GSPHC wants all patients to be an active participant in their care and asks that you allow us to be your provider of choice.

To Our Valued Patients:

·       Great Salt Plains Health Center’s mission is to provide affordable, comprehensive, and high-quality health care to all.  Our doctors and staff are committed to this mission and strive to provide the best health and dental care possible.

·       In order to continue with our current level of services, it is necessary to collect a fee from all of our patients when services are received.  This includes the co-pay from Medicare and private insurance, as well as the minimum fee associated with the sliding fee scale.

·       If you have medical coverage, our staff will file claims to your insurance company, Medicaid, or Medicare on your behalf.  If you think you might be eligible for Medicaid (SoonerCare), our staff will be available to help you obtain the needed paperwork in order to apply for this assistance.

·       For patients that do not have any type of medical coverage, our fees will continue to be discounted using the sliding fee scale. This is based on your family income and size.

·       For patients qualifying for minimum fee, a doctor’s visit will be $20. If labs are needed, the cost will be $10 for every lab performed for minimum patients.  (Example of a office appointment with a lab: If you have an office visit AND have a lab drawn the cost to a minimum patient will be $30).

·       There are a few labs that GSPHC cannot offer at a complete discount. These labs will be $50 and GSPHC will make every effort to notify the patient prior to drawing lab.

·       The minimum fee for a dental patient is $30. This will include the exam and x-rays. All dental treatments are also based on a sliding fee.